fuck the kids
fat wreck chords


01. fuck the kids
02. fuck the kids ii
03. i'm telling tim
04. reagan sucks
05. posuer
06. my name's bud
07. two on glue
08. please stop fucking my mom
09. murder the government
10. stranger than fishin
11. stupid canadians
12. eric melvin vs. pcp
13. always hate hippies

This was the funnest recording ever. The band all came to San Francisco because I booked two days at razors edge. I told them we were gonna record a 13 song 7" in one day. The cool part was that no one but me knew any of the songs. I'd teach 'em one and we would put it on tape the first time we made it through with out any major fuck ups. It's sloppiness in pure form. You can't fake that kind of sloppiness. We recorded all 13 songs in about four hours, then we spent about four hours mixing. So the record kinda sucks, but it sure was fun making it. I think we might try it again some time.